My name is Rama Gottipati, an independent SAP consultant providing End to End solutions for complex ETO/CTO/MTO business processes. My major areas of focus are Variant Configuration, SD, PS, PP, MM/IM, Integration with third party quoting tools and Shop floor execution systems. I was born in a town called Vijayawada in India and moved to USA after completing my Bachelors Degree in Instrumentation Engineering. Moved into SAP world after completing my Masters Degree in Computer Engineering.

Apart from working as SAP consultant, I am an avid runner (Marathons, Half Marathons, Team events, Tough Mudder) and Biker (indoor and outdoors). My other hobbies include traveling, Cooking (not the usual stuff though), Hiking and Drawing (replicate characters or images that catches my eye).

In my SAP career, I was fortunate enough to get associated with three companies which not only helped me in building my career, but also helped me in increasing my SAP knowledge ten folds.

eLogic Group – One of the few companies that provides SAP solutions for ETO/CTO/MTO based industries (www.elogicgroup.com). For past nine years I have been working with eLogic in various roles proving end to end business solutions for ETO/CTO/MTO business process

Redsalsa Technologies Inc – Been in business for over 20 years and provides consulting services in areas of SAP, Microsoft Technologies, Java etc (www.redsalsa.com)

Dynamic Enterprise Solutions Inc – Been in business for over 8 years and provides consulting services in multiple areas of SAP (www.dynamic-enterprise.net)

This is my personal blog featuring information about SAP and my other activities.

SAP – Will be sharing my minimal wisdom of SAP in areas of VC, SD, PS, PP and MM. Tips and tricks I have learned over years as an SAP consultant and stuff which I think will be useful in performing the job effectively

Lifestyle – Will be sharing my experiences as a runner and some tips and tricks I have been learning to improve my running skills. I will also share some of my artwork (under gallery section of this page) and my travel experiences


SAP information provided is only based on my work experience and I do not claim any copyrights or ownership of them

Artwork presented is a true replication of already existing art and I do not claim copyrights or ownership of them.