Configuration Work Group Conference – CWG 2014 – Day3 – Oct8 2014

Day3 presentations are focused on HANA and using HANA for VC Analytics and HANA for exploding multi level configurable BOMs for MRP. Also I presented on BOM functionality with Lawrence Matusek and my good friend Brian Koslowski presented on VC Trips and Tricks with Steve Schneider. Below are Day3 highlights

VC Analytics with HANA

  • Very useful for analytics
  • HANA Live – Layer between views and database tables
  • Views are provided by SAP. Views can be combined to get analysis as required
  • Visualization can be done using dashboard etc
  • For VC – Tool is provided to build the views as VC data is customer specific
  • CTWO Methods – ERP/Suite with HANA side by side
  • ERP Suite on HANA
  • Modeling of Analytics relevant chars in class type 399
  • Generation of HANA views per class
  • Combining VC views with VDMs in HANA Studio
  • Visualize can be by using SAP lumira
  • Classification Data – Ex class 001 or batches


  • Calculate up to date planning situation
  • Detect critical demand
  • Complete MRP logic implemented as stored procedure in HANA layer
  • SQL statements used instead of ABAP and stored as stored procedure
  • MD01N for MRP on HANA. Need to be switched on via business functions
  • New Mode: HANA Only – Stepwise enhanced scope
  • Dispatcher determines based on existing master data if planned on HANA or regular MRP
  • Low Level Configuration on HANA is well suitable in cases of high volume

Modeling with PMEVC

  • Discard changes to single object w/o cancelling changes to other objects
  • Reload objects from DB
  • Reload and diacard with sap notes
  • Adapt screen design for bigger screen resolutions
  • Configuration profiles can be now copied from existing materials
  • Search – Filter in popup for selecting chars
  • Explode Model – Complete model is loaded – increase load time
  • BOM Tree – Easy anvigation for complex multi level Models – Release this year

Tips and Tricks in SAP VC

  • BOM Explosion Number usage
  • ST13 – Analysis of performance of dependency knowledge in VC
  • Obscure Reference Characteristics
  • Reference chars to config profile tables – CUCO
  • CU60 – Useful for entering multiple values (untag to create multi value line in cu60 as different lines)
  • CLMM – Mass Classification
  • Material Variants
  • CUUPDMV – Update of config in Material Variants
  • Material variants in Order BOM and Ind/Coll in Material Master and Special Procurement Key
  • Cross Plant Material Variants
  • Recursive BOMs – bom issue CSRC_TRACE to check for recursive


Bill of Material Functionality-CWG 100214 v1-sm