MS150 and Spring Decathlon

Have been traveling to west coast frequently on work and as a result didn’t get time to post a blog for quite a while. Even though I am busy with work and travel, I never let that take a toll on my lifestyle and its pretty much part of my daily routine

I did participate in couple of events in last two months and below are the details

Spring Decathlon – I am currently doing a project for a client in Santa Clara and for the first time I am working for a client that has fitness facilities that are on par with any gyms. This also gives me the opportunity of working out everyday in a proper way rather than struggling in the outdated hotel gym. I participated in the sprint decathlon conducted at work and below are the details. I am proud to say that I am 1 of 3 people who have completed. Give it a try if it sounds interesting to you. You get 4 weeks to complete it

  • 10 mile running
  • 10 KM Rowing
  • 5hr Biking
  • 500 Pushups
  • 500 Pullups
  • 500 Burpees
  • 500 Kettlebell Swings
  • 500 Squats
  • 500 Lunges
  • 500 Crunches

MS150 – MS150 is a 150 mile biking event supporting Multiple Sclerosis. Its a two day event where you bike 85 miles on day1 and 65 miles on day2. Most popular ones are the BP Houston MS150 and the Seattle to Portland ride. Above two are major events where more that 10000 bikers participate. I have been doing the Dallas MS150, which is not upto par with those events, but it attracts close to 2000 bikers. This year I was fortunate to complete 150 miles in 10hr 15 mins. It was an eventful ride, even though I struggled with cramps towards end of day1. Since I was busy with work and travel, I did not get enough practice time and I wasn’t sure if I can ride both days, but after completing day1 I felt good and decided to complete the full event by biking on second day too

MS150_2 MS150_1