Is Age just a Number

July of this year I entered the 40s club and as I was getting closer to the date, one question bothered me a lot and that is “Age just a number or Age has significant impact on lifestyle”. Well in my opinion I think age is just a number and it has no impact on the lifestyle in what so ever. Of course, I agree that I cannot eat like I use to when I was in my 20s or I cannot drink like I use to when I was in my 30s.

I was very athletic during my childhood days, but as I started my high school and through my college days I was very inactive and me being a foodie, I managed to put on pounds and I was close to 198 pounds when I was 22 and sure enough i became Type2 diabetic. Even after that for a year nothing changed as far as my lifestyle is considered, but once I relocated to states for my master’s degree I was able to do more research on type2 diabetes and realized that it can be controlled by proper diet and exercise instead of medication.

That’s when I started running and got hooked to it instantly. My first run was a quarter mile run and I thought that I am going to die after running quarter mile. But I kept on doing it and eventually built my capacity to a point where I have completed 26 Half and 1 full marathons. Apart from running I love to bike and even though I started with a mountain bike, I eventually moved to road biking and now I am hooked to it. I participate in MS150 (2 day 150 mile bike race) and I love doing it.

Apart from biking and running, I do cross training and boxing to keep my core strong so I can still run at the pace I love to. Still on my list is to venture into triathlons and eventually do a Half Iron man. Also would love to do some international running if possible. As of now my best PR in a half marathon is 1hr 38 mins and 4hr 9 mins for a full marathon. Again this proves that age is just a number and it shouldn’t dictate ones abilities.

Only thing I believe is “Stay Strong, Keep Strong and enjoy this beautiful life we have”.