2018 BMW Marathon

Sorry for not updating my blog in a long time. I have been very busy with work and didn’t get time to update my blog even though i have been working out regularly and participating in Half Marathons which i love to do. Also i have transformed more into a bare foot runner or minimal sole running and have been doing all my practice runs barefoot.

This year i have decided to end the year with a full marathon and participated in BMW Dallas Marathon. This is a good even in dallas and also a well organized race. My goal was to beat 4Hrs and did my practice aiming for that, but didn’t get enough time to train for it and only managed to do 17 mile long runs

It was perfect weather for Marathon with lows in 38 and highs around 48. I was doing really good till Mile 21, which is when my right leg gave up and started getting cramps very often. So have to give up my pace and walk/jog remaining 5 miles. I still managed to finish it in 4Hrs 18 Mins, but big lessons learned from this race are as below

  • No matter how many runs completed under your belt, training is very important
  • Irrespective of weather, i sweat a lot and have to make sure to carry salt tablets
  • I am no longer in my 30s

I was little disappointed for not completing under 4 hrs, but was happy to complete it strong with walking/jogging last 5 miles. With this i am going to conclude my racing season for 2018 and have a full schedule for 2019

BMW_Marathon_2018_1 BMW_Marathon_2018_2