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Hotel Workout

Being an SAP consultant, I am on road 75 – 100% of the time and being a fitness freak, I would love to put in my workout hours no matter where I am. Challenge I face with it is to find good gyms and better equipment to perform different workouts rather than running everyday either outside (depends on place and weather) or on a 15yr old treadmill available in hotel gym Continue reading

Dubai Vacation

After 3 years I was able to go on 3 week vacation to India and Dubai (True vacation rather than work vacation). Of course India trip was for 2 weeks and more of a family visit, and Dubai was more of a vacation. My sister family (sister, BIL and my lovely 5yr old niece) also joined me on the trip even though they left to India before me. Continue reading


This year I participated in Bike MS – Sams Club roundup ride and was very happy to complete it. Since this is my first long distance biking attempt, I only did one day 86 mile event instead of 2 day 160 miles. Continue reading