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CWG 2016

2016 SAP Configuration Workgroup conference took place in Las vegas from October 8 – 12 followed by a two day intermediate VC course by eLogic for conference attendees that have registered for the course. Continue reading

Adding Additional and Local Fields to ABAP Queries

SQ01 is a tool provided by sap to quickly generate reports using SAP interlinked tables. I am sure most of you are familiar with this tool and probably have used it multiple times during the course of you sap career. But most of us don’t know that we can add custom fields into ABAP query and can write ABAP code to fetch data for those fields or perform calculations using already existing data etc. Below is the step by step instructions on adding custom fields and writing ABAP logic Continue reading

CWG 2015 Presentation

CWG 2015 (Configuration Work Group) conference focusing on SAP VC functionality took place in Ft Lauderdale Florida from NOV 2- 4. Here is the presentation we (myself and Lawrence Matusek) did on Configurable Bill of Materials


For those of you interested in the Delta list to be considered for transitioning from LO-VC to IPC, see below presentation done by Lawrence Matusek


Also here is the link to the blog detailing the conference by my colleague Rick Servello



Cross Selling

Cross Selling is a concept where system can suggest additional articles that the customer might buy. For example if a customer orders a TV, system can suggest additional articles such as speakers, extended warranty etc, that are relevant to the product. This functionality is available in SAP SD and below are the steps to setup Cross selling in SAP. Continue reading

Material Variants with multi-level KMATS setup, Planning and Execution

Material Variants are widely used with Variant Configuration to stock individual configuration of a configurable product. As anything in sap can be made as complex as possible, material variants can also be setup as a simple stock part with non-configurable materials as part of its bom or can be setup as a multi-level material variant with KMATs as part of its bom structure at lower levels Continue reading

CU51 – Order BOM Functionality

As part of my current project, I have been leading the VC modeling efforts and part of it involves using CU51 functionality to modify BOMs, adding any special components based on VC requirements. CU51 has lot of functionality embedded into it and its a powerful tool to use in an ETO environment. Attached is the documentation I have developed as part of their training document. I will keep updating the link as I add more information to the document

Link to be updated soon

Reference Characteristics in VC

Reference characteristics are used to copy values from the application to the configuration or transfer values from configuration to the application. Reference characteristics can be used during order configuration in a sales order, configurable networks, Bill of Materials, Routings etc.

Sales Order:

Reference characteristics can be used to read certain master data values in a sales order or can also be used to update certain values in a sales order based on certain logic from configurator. Typical examples can be to read document type and perform certain logic or set product hierarchy based on a certain logic. Continue reading